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Multiplication using techniques of repeated addition

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Aim: Write a program to multiply 05 by 08 using the technique of repeated addition and store output at external memory 3020H.
Apparatus Used: Micro-controller kit.
Assumption: Multiplication can be achieved by adding the multiplicand repeatedly as many times as the multiplier. As 05*08
  • Firstly clear the accumulator.
  • Load Multiplier in a Register R2.
  • Add multiplicand to the Accumulator.
  • Now Add multiplicand to accumulator till  R2=0.
  • Initialize the memory location to store Output.
  • Store output at given location. 
Description of used instruction:

MOV: Used for Load and Copy the Data. This copies a byte from the source location to destination. 
ADD: This adds the source byte to the accumulator and keeps result in accumulator. 
DJNZ: In this instruction a byte is decremented, and if result is not zero it will jump to the target address. 
MOVX: This instruction transfer data between external memory and register. 
DPTR: This is Data Pointer. It is used for containing 16 bit data or memory address. 
SJMP: Short Jump loop is used for indefinite loop within program.

Output:  A=05*08=40 (28) H and it will store at external memory 3020H.
Procedure to look output:
·         After ending (SJMP) the program, press Enter two times.
·         You will get message “Welcome to ------KIT”.
·         Press G and Provide initial address of program as in this program, starting address is 3000 H.
·         Press Enter.
·         After pressing Enter, You will get Message “Execution Completed”.
·         Press Reset on micro-controller KIT.
·         Press M and You will get Message “Enter Address”.
·         Provide Address for Output as in this Program 3020H and Press Space and you get Output.

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