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Micro-controller Test Paper-E

Q1. Choose correct option in following questions.

 (i). How many interrupt sources are in 8051 micro-controller?
(a)    6                  (b) 4                          (c) 2                                       (d) 0

(ii) Data transfer from I/O to external data memory can only be done with the MOVX command.
(a) True                (b) False                  (c) Can not Say                   (d) None

(iii) Which of the following statements will add the accumulator to register 3?
(a) ADD @R3, @A        (b) ADD @A, R3    (c) ADD R3, A (d) ADD A, R3
(iv) The total amount of external code memory that can be interfaced to the 8051 is:
(a)64 K                (b) 128 K              (c) 256 K                         (d) 32 K

(v) Which of the following is illegal?
(a) ADD  A,R5          (b) ADD A, #50          (c) ADD  A, #F5         (d) None

(vi) JZ refers to?
(a) Jump if A=0          (b) Jump if A is not zero   (c) Jump if Register is zero   (d) None

(vii) What is the result of following code and where is it kept?
MOV A, #10 H, MOV R2, #05 H, ADD A, R2
(a) A, 0F H              (b) R2, 0FH         (c) A, 15 H              (d) R2, 15 H

(viii)The Micro-controller 8051 has
(a) 128 bytes of RAM    (b) 64 bytes of RAM    (c) 4 K bytes of RAM    (d) None 

(ix) The 8-bit address bus allows access to an address range of:
(a) 0000 to FFFFH      (b) 000 to FFFH   (c) 00 to FFH         (d) 0 to FH

(x) Registers ACC and B are ----bits wide?
(A) 8                            (b) 16                      (c) 32                            (d) 4

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