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Micro-controller Test Paper-D

Q1. Choose correct option in following questions.

 (i)The 8051 micro-controller has
(a) 4 K bytes on chip ROM  (b) 256 K bytes of On chip ROM (c) 128 K bytes on chip ROM   (d) None

(ii) The address space of the 8051 is divided into four distinct areas: internal data, external data, internal code, and external code.
(a) True                                 (b) False              (c) Can not Say            (d) None

(iii) The 8051 has ________ parallel I/O ports.
(a) 2                                        (b) 3                      (c) 4                                (d) 5

(iv) Which of the following commands will move the number 27H into the accumulator?
(a) MOV A, P27           (b) MOV A, #27H          (c) MOV A, 27H   (d) MOV A, @27

(v) Which of the following is illegal?
(a) MOV A, #50                    (b) MOV R1, #50        (c) MOV A, #F5            (d) None

(vi) MOVX refers to?
(a) Transfer data between external memory and Register A (b) Transfer data between external memory and Register (c) Transfer data between Register and Register A                       (d) None

(vii) What is the result of following code and where is it kept?
    MOV A, #10 H, MOV R2, #05 H, ADD A, R2
(a) A, 0F H                    (b) R2, 0FH                 (c) A, 15 H              (d) R2, 15 H

(viii)The total amount of external code memory that can be interfaced to the 8051 is:
(A) 32 K                       (b) 64 K                     (c) 256 K              (d) 128 K

(ix) The 8-bit address bus allows access to an address range of:
(a) 0000 to FFFFH      (b) 000 to FFFH   (c) 00 to FFH         (d) 0 to FH

(x) Registers DPTR and PC are ----bits wide?
(a) 8                                  (b) 16                           (c) 32                                (d) 4 

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