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Aim: Write a program to blinking of LED’s at port 1 with a delay of approximately 1 sec in mode 1 with help of Timer using Kiel Software and verify it.
Apparatus Used: Atmel Micro-controller Chip (89C51/89S51), Breadboard, Connecting wires (Red and Black), Crystal (12 MHz), 2 capacitor (30 micro Farad), 1 Capacitor (10 micro farad), 1 LED, 2 Register (100-500ohm), Kiel Software, Universal Programmer.
Program :( Using Kiel Software)
How to Burn the Program:
After writing the program in Kiel software, you have to burn this program using Universal Programmer to make ready for use. Procedure to burn the program
  • Create hex file using Kiel Software 
  • For Creation, Right Click on Target and click on Option for Target then select O/P and Check Create File.
  • Then Save and Rebuild the Program 
  •  Now open the Universal Programmer Software
  • Select Device
  • Select the device 89S51 and then Click OK
  • Click on Load
  • Select your created Hex File
  • Press OK
  • Click on Program and now your program is burning.
  • After this your IC is in running condition.

Circuit Diagram:

Description of Circuit Diagram:-
  •  Connect Pin No-31 and Pin No-40 to the +5V power supply. 
  •   Connect Crystal to Pin No-18 and Pin No-19 (One end at Pin No-18 and other end should be at Pin no-19)
  • Connect two capacitor to Crystal( One end of capacitor to the Pin No-18 and other at ground same as for second one end should be at Pin No-19 and other should be at Ground.)
  •  Connect pin No-20 to the Ground.
  •   Connect LED at Pin No-1 .One End of LED at Pin No-1 and second end should be connected with +5V supply.
  •  Connect a Register to Pin No-1 and other End should be connected to +5v supply.
  • Connect a register to Pin No-9 and other End to Ground and connect a capacitor to register and other end to +5V Supply.
After this when you provide the +5V supply to bread board, you should get your desired output.

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