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Micro-controller 8051-VIVA QUESTION-I
  • The 8051 micro-controller has - 128 bytes of RAM
  • How many serial port are present in 8051 micro-controller?-1
  • The Program status register are used as Flag Register. 
  • MOV A, @ R1 will-copy the contents of memory whose address is in R1 to the accumulator
  • ADD R4, A are invalid because A will destination position always in arithmetic operation.
  • Data transfer from I/O to external data memory can only be done with the MOV command-False
  • Registers R0-R7 are all ………bits wide? - 8
  • The 8051 has only one subtraction instruction –SUBB
  • A quartz crystal oscillator is connected to inputs pin no 18 and 19. 
  • Which of the following is illegal?  (a) ADD  R3,#50 (b) ADD A, #50 (c) MOV R7, #50
  • ADD R2, #12 H are invalid because A will destination position always in arithmetic operation. 
  • DJNZ refers to? - decrement and jump if not zero
  • WAP to find 2’s complement of a number- CPL A +1 
  • Registers ACC and B are ----bits wide? - 8 
  • SWAP A-It swap the lower nibble and the higher nibble & works only on the accumulator 
  • The total amount of external code memory that can be interfaced to the 8051 is: - 64 K 
  • A micro-controller has which of the following devices on chip?-RAM, ROM, I/O Devices 
  • The 8051 has ________ 16-bit counter/timers.- 2   
  • The command will copy the accumulator to the location whose address is 23H:-MOV 23H, A
  • Which of the following is illegal?(a) MOV R3, #50 (b) MOV R1, #50 (c) MOV R8, #50
  •  JNZ refers to? - Jump if accumulator is not zero
  • The 8-bit address bus allows access to an address range of: - 00 to FFH 
  •  The 8051 micro-controller has - 4 K bytes on chip ROM  
  • The address space of the 8051 is divided into four distinct areas: internal data, external data, internal code, and external code. - True   
  • The 8051 has ________ parallel I/O ports. - 4
  • Registers DPTR and PC are ----bits wide? - 16 
  • Assembly Language Program is a series of statement or Lines. 
  • Assembly language is Low Level Language. 
  • MOV A, #7F2H – illegal 7F2H>8 Bits (FF H) 
  • MOV A, #F9H—This is not correct,0 should be between # and F.
  • DA –decimal adjust for addition & DA only works after ADD, ADDC. 
  • MOV A, #5 H- Value in Accumulator will be A=05 H
  • How many I/O pins are in 8051 micro-controller? - 32
  • How many interrupt sources are in 8051 micro-controller? - 6 
  • MOVX refers to? - Transfer data between external memory and Register A 
  • Name of a 8-bit micro-controller—Intel 8051, Motorola 6811, Zilog Z8
  • 8051 has 2 Timers, 1 Serial Port, 6 interrupt sources
  • AT89C51 is manufactured by Atmel Corporation.
  • 8052 has 256 Bytes of RAM, 3 Timers and 8 Interrupts sources.
  • Registers are used to store information temporarily.
  • The most widely used registers are A, B, R0-R7, DPTR and PC.
  • Program Counter is 16 bit wide.
  • 8051 micro-controller has only one data types- 8 bits
  • The Movement of data between Rn register is invalid MOV R4, R7 is invalid. 
  • Register Bank 0 is default when 8051 is powered up
  • The source and destination registers must match in size MOV DPTR, A will give an error. 
  • The immediate data must be preceded by the pound sign “#”.  
  • Program Counter The PC points to the address of the next instruction to be executed. 
  • The Data Types can be Positive or Negative. 
  • JZ refers to? - Jump if A=0   
  • Which is correct regarding DPTR?-Data Pointer, 16 bit
  • Which commands will copy the contents of location 4H to the accumulator?  MOV A, 04H


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