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Microprocessor in Lab

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This section is totally related to microprocessor programming (8085/8086). We are going to focus on some precaution in microprocessor programming lab and also trying to understand some initial steps in programming.
To understand to a programming you have to follow some basic but important steps.
  • Read given program multiple times.
  • Try to understand the given program yourself.
  • Now think for a proper war to start program and also for used instruction.
  • Try to make program short.
  • Try to divide the program into different part step by step.
  • Write proper op-code and operand for the program with memory address and location(if it is required).
  • Use the given data in program if it is already given.
  • After writing the program do not forget to END the program.
  • Always remember that Accumulator is main component of programming.
  • It takes part in every arithmetic and logical operation.
  • Its always keep the output of program.
  • One data should be always in accumulator for any type of programming (some cases it is not applicable).
  • Carefully start the microprocessor KIT.(Steps varying according KIT)
  • Procedure of execution of program can vary from program to program.
  • Be careful when you are going to execute the program.
  • In Microprocessor Kit, generally Backspace key is not work. So be careful when you typing the program.

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