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To Design and Implement of 4-bit binary Subtractor using IC 7483.

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Apparatus required:-The following electronics components are required.
•EX-OR Gate (IC-7486)
•NOT Gate (IC-7404)
•Digital Trainer KIT
•Connecting wires
The circuit for subtracting A-B consists of an adder with inverters, placed between each data input ‘B’ and the corresponding input of full adder. The input carry C0 must be equal to 1 when performing subtraction. The addition and subtraction operation can be combined into one circuit with one common binary adder. The mode input M controls the operation. When M=0, the circuit is adder circuit. When M=1, it becomes subtractor.
Pin Diagram of IC 7483:- 

Logic Diagram for Binary Adder/Subtractor:-

Logical Diagram for Subtractor:-
Conclusion: - All the output verified the result of Truth Table.
Precaution in lab:-
•All the connections should be tight and proper.
•Handle the ICs carefully.
•Check the connection once again before Switching on the Digital Trainer KIT.
•Switch of the Trainer Kit after performing the Experiment.