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To do in Laboratory

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  • Be regular in the laboratory.
  • Listen carefully to the lecture given by teacher about importance of subject, information about equipment, instruments, procedure.
  • Organize the work in the group and make a record of all observations.
  • Understand the purpose of experiment and its practical implications.
  • Student should not hesitate to ask any difficulty faced during conduct of practical / exercise.
  • Student shall attempt to develop related hands-on-skills and gain confidence.
  • Student shall focus on development of skills rather than theoretical or codified knowledge
  • Always follow proper dress in laboratory.
  • Keep silence in laboratory.
  • Know the theory behind the experiment which you are going to perform in laboratory.
  • Identify the different leads or terminals or pins of the IC making the connection.
  • Know the biasing voltage required for different families of ICs and connect the power
  • Supply voltage and ground terminals to the respective pins of ICs.
  • Know the current and voltage rating of ICs before using them in experiment.
  • Avoid unnecessary talking during the performing the experiment.
  • Handle the IC Kit properly and Mount the IC properly on the IC Ziff socket.
  • Keep the table clean.
  • After the completion of experiment switched off the power supply and return the apparatus.
  • Read the write up of each experiment to be performed, a day in advance.
  • Write the answers of the questions allotted by the teacher during practical hours if possible or afterwards, but immediately.
  • Student should develop the habit of pocket discussion / group discussion related to the experiments / exercises so that exchanges of knowledge / skills could take place.
  • Student shall develop the habit of evolving more ideas, innovations, skills etc. than included in the scope of the manual.
  • Student should develop the habit of not to depend totally on teachers but to develop self learning techniques.
  • Student should develop the habit to react with the teacher without hesitation with respect to the academics involved.
  • Student should develop habit to submit the practical’s exercise continuously and progressively on the scheduled dates and should get the assessment done.
  • To make sign your every experiment after completion.
  • Show your output to instructor.
Not to do in Laboratory
  • Do not make the noise.
  • Do not exceed the Voltage Rating.
  • Do not alter the ICs when you are performing the experiment.
  • Avoid the loose connections and short circuits.
  • Do not throw the connecting wires on the floor.
  • Do not come late into the laboratory.
  • Do not operate IC Trainer kits unnecessarily.
  • Do not so panic if you do not get desired output.

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