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To Study of 1-bit magnitude comparator using basic gates.

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Apparatus required:-The following electronics components are required.
  • AND Gate (IC-7408)
  • NOT Gate (IC-7404)
  • EX-OR Gate (IC-7486)
  • IC-7485
  • Digital IC Trainer KIT
  • Breadboard
  • Connecting wires
      The comparison of two numbers is an operator that determines one number is greater than, less than (or) equal to the other number. A magnitude comparator is a combinational circuit that compares two numbers A and B and determines their relative magnitude. The outcome of the comparator is specified by three binary variables that indicate whether A>B, A=B (or) A
      A = A3 A2 A1 A0
      B = B3 B2 B1 B0
      The equality of the two numbers and B is displayed in a combinational circuit designated by the symbol (A=B).
      This indicates A greater than B, then inspect the relative magnitude of pairs of significant digits starting from most significant position. A is 0 and that of B is 0.
      We have A
      A>B = A3B31+X3A2B21+X3X2A1B11+X3X2X1A0B01
      A31B3 + X3A21B2 + X3X2A11B1 + X3X2X1A01B0
      The same circuit can be used to compare the relative magnitude of two BCD digits.
      Where, A = B is expanded as,
      A = B = (A3 + B3) (A2 + B2) (A1 + B1) (A0 + B0)

      Pin-diagram of IC 7485:-
      Truth-table for comparator:-
      Procedure to Perform:-
      ·Take Digital Trainer KIT including Breadboard, ICs and connecting leads.
      ·Insert ICs on the Breadboard.
      ·According to pin configuration of IC perform the connections.
      ·Connect VCC (+5V) to pin no.14 and Connect Pin no. 7 to GND of IC.
      ·Apply different input and observe output at LED.
      ·Verify the output according truth-table.
      Conclusion: - All the output verified the result of Truth Table.
      Precaution in lab:-
       ·All the connections should be tight and proper.
      ·Handle the ICs carefully.
      ·Check the connection once again before Switching on the Digital Trainer KIT.
      ·Switch of the Trainer Kit after performing the Experiment.

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