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List of International day in World

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1 January
Global Family Day
10 January
World Laughter Day
26 January
International Customs Day
27 January
International Holocaust Remembrance Day
30 January
World Leprosy Eradication Day
2 February
World Wetlands Day
4 February
World Cancer Day
6 February
International Day against Female Genital Mutilation
12 February
Darwin Day
14 February
Valentine Day
20 February
World Day of Social Justice
21 February
International mother Language Day
22 February
World Scout Day
23 February
World Peace and Understanding Day
4 March
World Day of the fight against Sexual Exploitation
8 March
International Women’s Day
13 March
World Kidney Day
13 March
World Retract Day
15 March
World Consumer Rights Day
20 March
World Sparrow Day
20 March
International Day of the Francophone
21 March
World Sleep Day
21 March
World Forestry Day
22 March
The World Day of Water
23 March
World Meteorological Day
24 March
World TB Day
24 March
International Day of Achievers
27 March
World Drama Day
1 April
World Fool Day
2 April
World Autism Awareness Day
7 April
World Health Day
17 April
World Hemophilia Day
18 April
World heritage Day
22 April
Earth Day
23 April
World Book and Copy Right Day
25 April
World Malaria Day
29 April
International Dance Day
1 May
International Labor Day
3 May
World Press Freedom Day
8 May
World Red Cross/Crescent Day
12 May
International Nurses Day
14 May
World Migratory Day
15 May
International Day of Families
17 May
World Information Society Day
22 May
International Day for Biological Diversity
25 May
Commonwealth Day
29 May
International Day of United Nations Peace
31 May
World Anti-Tobacco Day
5 June
World Environment Day
7 June
International Level Crossing Awareness Day
8 June
World Oceans Day
12 June
World Day Against Child Labor
14 June
World Blood Donor Day
17 June
World Combat Desertification and Drought day
20 June
World Refugees Day
23 June
United nations Public Service Day
27 June
World Diabetes Day
1 July
World Doctors Day
6 July
World Zoonosis Day
11 July
World Population Day
12 July
Malala Day
18 July
Nelson Mandela International Day
28 July
World  Hepatitis Day
28 July
World Nature Conservation Day
29 July
International Tiger Day
30 July
International Day of friendship
1-7 August
World Breastfeeding Week
3 August
Independence Day of Niger
5 August
Independence Day of Upper Volta
6 August
Hiroshima Day
9 August
Nagasaki Day
9 August
International Day of the World’s Indigenous People
12 August
International Youth Day
19 August
World Humanitarian Day
29 August
International Day against Nuclear Test
5 September
International Day of Charity
7 September
Forgiveness Day
8 September
International Literacy Day
14 September
World First Aid Day
15 September
International Day of Democracy
16 September
International Ozone Day
21 September
International Day of Peace
21 September
World Alzheimer’s Day
27 September
World Tourism Day
1 October
World Habitat Day
1 October
International Day of Older Persons
2 October
Global Non-Violence Day
3 October
World Nature Day
3 October
World Habitat Day
4 October
World Animal Day
5 October
World Teacher’s  day
9 October
World Post Day
10 October
World Mental Health Day
11 October
International Girl Child Day
12 October
World Arthritis Day
14 October
World Standards Day
15 October
International Day of Rural Women
15 October
World Students Day
16 October
World Food Day
17 October
International Day for Eradication of Poverty
20 October
World Statistics Day
24 October
United Nations Day
31 October
World Thrift Day
1 November
World Vegan Day
5 November
World Radiography Day
14 November
World Diabetes Day
16 November
International Day for Endurance
16 November
International Day for tolerance
17 November
International Students Day
18 November
World Adult Day
19 November
World Toilet Day
19 November
World Citizen Day
20 November
Universal Children day
21 November
World Fisheries Day
21 November
World Television Day
25 November
World Non-Veg Day
1 December
World AIDS Day
2 December
World Computer Literacy Day
2 December
International Day for the Abolition of Slavery
3 December
World Disabled Day
3 December
World Conservation Day
5 December
International Volunteer Day
7 December
International Civil Aviation Day
9 December
The International Day against Corruption
10 December
International Day of Broadcasting
10 December
Human Rights Day
11 December
International Mountain Day
14 December
World Energy Day
18 December
International Migrants Day
20 December
International Human Solidarity Day
29 December
International Biodiversity Day

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