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Now we will create/Insert cut into this. For creating this follow previous step as creating ground, substrate and patch. Click on New Brick ,Press ESC, assigned variable for length, width and thickness as 

Name:- Cut
Xmin: wf/2                 Xmax: -wf/2 +1         (ws-Width of cut in mm)
Ymin: -lp/2                 Ymax: -lp/2+lc               (Length of cut in mm)
Zmin: h                      Zmax: h+t                    (thickness of cut)
Now putting these variable Click on Preview and Provide value of Variable as lc=2, (Value of t, h, wf are already assigned) and selected Material will be Copper (annealed). Now cut is created and Look like this.

Same cut should also be created to other side of Feed. For this we have to create copy of Cut. For this we have to transform of created cut.  Right Click on Cut---Select Transform. After this a new window will be displayed, in that window check Copy and Mirror and Put X= wf in Mirror plane normal and Press OK, now same cut has created other side also.

Now we have to subtract these cut from Patch. For this Select Patch then Click on Boolean Subtract and Select Cut and Press Enter, now your first cut has subtracted from Patch. Repeat same procedure for Cut_1 (Which is Copy of Cut). After this its look like as

Now finally cut is created, now we have to check performance of Antenna as S-Parameter. For This Click on Time Domain Solver, a new window will be displayed and Click on Start and wait till process is complete. After completion of process again click on Time Domain Solver, same window will be displayed and now click on Parameter Sweep. A window will be displayed as like this.

Now click on New Sequence, then Click on New Parameter, a new window will appeared and provide parameter related to cut to check performance of antenna as given below in diagram. Name- Select lc, From-2, To-10, Sample-9, Check Sweep and Press OK. We will check the performance of antenna at various values of lc. After that we will find most appropriate value of lc.

Now Select Post Processing Template under Add Watch Drop down List. When you select Post Processing Template a new window will be appeared. In that window S-Parameter is already selected in one drop down list, as same select S-Parameter in second drop down list. After this Click on Close and Press Start on Previous Window. Now Wait for Result.

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