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How to Design Rectangular Patch Antenna Using CST Microwave Studio

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In this article, I am going to discuss, how to design a Rectangular Micro strip patch antenna using CST Microwave Tool. After successful Installation of CST Microwave Studio Tool, following procedure should be followed to design a Micro Strip Patch Antenna. 
Click on the Short Cut of Microwave Studio Tool


After Clicking, Go to File Menu, Select New Project you get following screen, Now in this screen select CST MICROWAVE STUDIO and then Press OK  

Now You are ready to design Antenna, after Clicking CST Microwave Studio, Select Antenna (Planar) 

Press OK. You will get this type of structure.

There are three main parts in designing of Antenna, Substrate, Ground and Patch. Now we are going to discuss how to create Substrate, Ground and Patch.
For Substrate, Click on Create Brick and Press ESC

After Pressing ESC we have to provide input data for the creation of Substrate, In this we have to Use variable for specifying the input data for substrate, as well as for Ground and Patch.