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Now we have to add Feed to Patch of Antenna.
For Addition of Feed. Right Click on Component Under Navigation Tree, You get component 1,now expand component 1, After expanding click on Patch, then click on add under Boolean Add and then Click on Feed ,after selection of Feed , Press Enter. 

  After adding Feed, This is look like this

Now most important thing is that how to add Wave guide port to Patch/feed. For this firstly we have to pick face where we have to add Wave guide port. For selecting face, we have to use three to four commands mainly. These are Free in drop down list, Activate rotation mode, Activate dynamic zoom mode, Activate panning mode.We have to activate zoom till we can see each layer of Antenna as Substrate, Ground and Patch. We have to add wave-guide port to Front face of feed. First Make it in this state and make zoom now till you can see each layer of Antenna.

After making enough Zoom, Just Click on Object---Pick—Select Pick Face and double click where you want apply wave guide port. After this you can get view as like this.

  To add Wave guide Port, Click on Solve then Select Wave guide Port. After this , this screen will be displayed

Provide 3 in each edited block as Xmin=3, Xmax=3, Zmin=h and Zmax=3 and Press OK. Now Wave guide port is added. You can see it in Front View as well as in Free View. Its look like this..

For Simulation Click on Time domain server. After clicking on Time Domain Server, You get a Pop-Up box for Setting Frequency Range. Just Set Fmin=1 and Fmax=10 and Click on OK.

After Pressing OK, another pop-up block will be displayed as Time Domain Solver Parameters, Just Click on Start and wait for Simulation. Now after Simulation we can see S-Parameters of Antenna. For S-Parameter. Expand 1D Results, Expand S-Parameter and Click S-Parameter, now you can see the S-Parameters of Antenna as

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