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Now we have to see the Gain of Antenna. For this we firstly add Field Monitors. Right Click on Field Monitors and Add New Field Monitors

After Clicking on New Field Monitors a Pop-Up will be displayed and we have to provide data as Frequency 2.81 and Check H-Field and Surface Current and After that Check Far field/RCS then Apply and OK.

Now click on Time Domain Solver then Start and Wait for results. To See Far field result, Expand Far field’s folder then sub folder. We get as like this.

To See Gain of Antenna, Just Click Right Click of Far-field’s and Go through Far field Plot Properties then you will find a Pop-Up, Under Plot Mode Tab select Gain and Under View Tab select Show Structure. Press Apply and then OK and You will find gain of antenna 3.94.

In Under View Tab after selecting all option we get

Now we can see various phases expanding far field folder as Abs, Axial Ratio, Theta, Theta Phase, Phi, Phi phase and many more

Axial Ratio

To see polar plot between Theta and Directivity, Just Go under General Tab and Select Polar and Press Apply and Ok, We get Polar Plot
As same we can also draw Plot of Gain, H-Field, E-Field and Power Pattern also.

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