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Home remedies for Toothache

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In my earlier post, I have already discussed how to lose belly fat and how to get fair skin, today I am going to show some home remedies tips for toothache. Toothache is most painful feel around the jaw.

Just take a bud of garlic and dip it into salt then chew it, you get relax for toothache. Except it garlic is very useful in loose belly fat, to increase your stamina and other many things. Use of garlic gives fast relief from toothache. Just follow these tips some days.

If there is swelling with pain in tooth then you can also use slice of potato to get relief.  Just keep slice of potato at that place where you are feeling toothache till 10 minutes, you get relief soon.

Chewing raw onion daily, also reduce the toothache, onion is also a home remedies for toothache. Because Onions contains antiseptic and antimicrobial properties that very useful to reduce the toothache.

Warm Salt Water
Rinse warm salt water thoroughly mouth can reduce the pain of tooth. Just mix a 1-2 teaspoon of salt in hot water and rinse thoroughly your mouth, you can get relief faster.

Just keep clove in mouth sometimes, it gives relief from toothache. Use of clove oil at place of toothache also gives faster relief.

Pepper & Salt
Just make a mixture of Pepper and salt with equal amount.  Just mix 1-2 drop of water in that mixture to make a paste and apply that paste at place of pain. You get relief very soon. It is best home remedies for toothache.

Mustard Oil
Make a mixture of salt and 2-3 drops of mustard oil and massage the teeth and gums. After some time, you will get relief from toothache.

Ice Cubes
Just take cube of ices and place it on your cheek where you feeling pain, doing this 3-4 times, it will give relief from pain.

Lemon contains Vitamin-C in large amount. To keep slice of lemon on the part of aching teeth gives great relief from pain. These are some good home remedies for toothache.

If you are unable to find relief from toothache by using these home remedies , then consult to the dentist because your tooth require better treatment. 

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