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Benefit of Garlic

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In my previous you have also read the home remedies for different health issues. Today I am going to tell you some benefit of garlic.
Stomach Pain
To increase the taste of food except Garlic is also most important beneficial component for our health. Garlic contains some ingredient which are very helpful in improving digestion and body system. We can avoid stomach pain, gas and other issue related to stomach by eating Garlic also garlic reduce the chances of food poisoning.
Blood Pressure
Garlic also control the blood pressure. Garlic is miracle in controlling the blood pressure. It’s lower the blood pressure and control it. It can lower the blood pressure near about 5 to 15 %. We are discussing about benefit of garlic.
Garlic is also helpful to control the insulin level. Due to this, its maintains the level of blood sugar. By using garlic you can avoid diabetes.
Heart Problem
Garlic is also very useful for heart. Use of garlic also minimize the chances of heart attack. So daily eat garlic to take benefit of garlic.
Skin Infection
Garlic also remove the skin infection and irritation. If you use paste of garlic it also remove the lining from faces within months.
Throat Problem
Garlic also very useful to reduce the infection (extract) of throat. To reduce this just increase the amount of garlic in daily food. Doing this, garlic cure your throat problem.
Cold/Fever/Breathing Problem
Garlic are helpful in cold, fever and breathing problem , that reason doctor always recommended to asthma patient to eat garlic daily.
If you are feeling pain in tooth then garlic also can be used as pain killer. Make a paste of garlic and salt and put where you feeling pain, after some time pain will be reduced.
Fat of Body
Garlic is also helpful to reduce the fat of body. If you want to lose your belly fat then daily chew 2-3 buds of garlic with empty stomach and take hot water. Within month you will see a drastic change in your belly fat. You are under benefit of garlic. 

Except this the benefit of garlic also related to blood clot and cancer as Garlic have a power full property called anti-clotting that makes blood thin and stop to be blood converted as clot. Due to this, in accident not more blood will be loss.
Now it has been proved in many medical research that by eating garlic, cancer can be avoided. The elements present in garlic very useful to avoid cancer.

Garlic also help body to absorb iron that increase the amount of blood. These are the benefit of garlic.