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Most useful Benefits of Banana

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Banana is available in market throughout the year. Banana can be used as vegetables as well as fruit. Raw banana (Green Banana) can be used as vegetables. By using banana you can get weight. Rather than getting weight, banana is very in other health issues. In this post we are going to discuss the health benefits of banana. Addition of banana in diet can be very beneficial for whole body as mentally as well as physically. Most of athlete uses banana during their sports to keep them energetic. Let’s discuss some other benefits of banana.
Blood Pressure
Banana can also control the blood pressure. Banana contains more potassium and less sodium that help in controlling the blood pressure. Eating a banana daily can minimize the risk of blood pressure.
To avoid dehydration, you must eat a banana daily. By eating a banana daily it avoid from the dehydration. That’s reason in case of de-hydration, doctor advised patient to eat banana daily. Weakness

A banana contains generally average of 90-110 calorie. By eating banana daily, weakness can be avoided.
Healthy Heart
By eating banana, the present potassium in banana, reach every part of body through the blood, that makes health heart and its reduces heart attack and heart strokes. These are some benefits of banana. Now move forward for some others.

Stronger Bones

Banana contains Calcium in large amount that help to make bones stronger. If you eat banana daily then that can make your bones stronger and also minimize the pain of bones.
Energy booster
Banana also works as energy booster. Its increase the glucose level of blood that help to generate instant energy in the body. When you feel tired eat bananas that gives energy.
Weight Gain

If you are interested in increasing weight then you can do by just eating Banana daily in morning as well as in evening. This can be also done by just taking banana shake also. It is very helpful in increasing the body weight.
To improve the digestion, banana can be helpful. By adding banana in your diet, it make your digestion better and improve digestion. Banana also reduces the acidity so it is also helpful in acidity. So in my final word, you must include the banana in daily diet to keep fit and energetic yourself. These are few benefits of banana. There are lot more except theses. So enjoy eating banana. 

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