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Benefits of Curd

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In my various previous post, you have already gone through different types of home remedies for different health issues. Home remedies are best medicine for any problem, it takes time but useful and beneficial. There are no any type of side effects of it. Let me introduce today benefits of curd.
Good Sleep
Curd is must for good sleep. Take daily a bowl of curd, that cure your insomnia problem and you can take a good sleep.
Heart Problem
For heart problem, curd is also beneficial, basically curd decreases the level of cholesterol in human bodies, due to this curd decreases the chances of heart problem.
Curd contains acid sugar. That help to make better digestion in human body. Benefits of curd are great for human digestion.
Stronger Bones
Calcium provides strength in bones and curd contains it. The use of curd very beneficial in make bones stronger.
Weight Gain
Very useful in gaining weight. Make a mixture of curd and almond or curd with dates, take every day, it will help in gaining weight quickly. Benefits of curd also provide the ability of gaining weight.
Glowing Skin
For glowing skin, mix lemon juice with curd and paste its mixture at body, it will improve the life of skin and skin start glowing.
Silky Hair
To make hair silky and shiny, just massage your hair with curd for 5 minutes then wash your hair, your hair will become silky and shiny. These are some benefits of curds.
Bad Smell of Body
Avoid from bad smell. Just mix curd with gram flour and message with this mixture on whole body. After few minutes, take bathe, it will save you from bad smell of your body as without.
Remove Dandruff
Remove Dandruff. Washing your hair by mixture of pepper and curd, it reduces the chances of dandruff in your head. This is best solution to minimize the presence of dandruff.
These are some basic benefits of curd. If you have some other benefits then post it through comment, I will include in my post.  

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