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Benefits of Onion

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Benefits of onion
In our daily life we use onion. Onion is one of the healthiest food in world. Today I am going to discuss benefits of onion. Onion increases the taste of food as well it is also very beneficial for the health. Let us discuss some benefits of onion.
Better Digestion
Onion increase the digestive juice in human body. Due to this, its help to make digestion better and healthy. So include the onion in your diet. Digestion will be better, health will be better.
The juice of onion is very beneficial in fever, cough, allergy and throat problem. Just take juice of onion with honey. That help to cure the above mention problems.
Blood Sugar
Onion also contains chromium that helps in control the blood sugar. It is very important benefit of onion. Those who are sugar patient, they should take onion at regular basis.
Cholesterol Problem
It does not increase the bad cholesterol level if you eat raw onion daily. To avoid the cholesterol problem in body, it is suggested to take raw onion daily as diet or as salad. In salad onion must included.
It is also very helpful in infection. The juice of onion can avoid the infection and also cure the swelling if we use the juice of onion at that place where you are feeling swelling. From long time onion have been used in heal infections.
Other benefits of onion, it also help to increase the resistance capability due to presence of Vitamin C in onion. Vitamin C also helps in increasing immunity.
Honey Bee Stung
If honey bee sting you, do not worry, here comes another benefit of onion, just use the juice of onion where honey bee has sting, after some time you feel relax from that pain.
By smelling the pieces of raw onion, its stop the flow of blood from the nose.

Onion also has a compound name Quercetin that preventing from Cancer. Onion also used to lower the hypertension. 

So there are some health benefits of onion. Seeing above benefits, it’s very beneficial to include the onion in our diet.

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