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How to weight loss by eating herbs

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Now days weight loss is major problem in age of forties. Due to busy schedule , everyone can not afford to go gym and perform a heavy workout. But by using some home remedies we can loose weight. Now in this post i ma going to discuss, how we can loose weight just by eating herbs. So here to go How to weight loss by eating herbs.
Coriander Leaves
In morning take paste of coriander leaf with hot water daily. It reduce all the bad chemical of body within three days and that will reduce the weight of body.

Papaya is very useful to reduce extra skin of stomach. By using papaya long time, we can reduce the weight of body. We are discussing about How to weight loss by eating herbs.
Curry leaves

Curry leaves increases the taste of food as well as useful in reducing the weight. It have an element which used to come out the unwanted chemical which affects the weight of body.

In daily morning just make mixture of lemon and honey, you feel light after some days and also you will lose the weight.
Curd having many bacterial elements who make perfect metabolism of body. Include curd in your diet. It will help in reducing the body weight. We are discussing about How to weight loss by eating herbs.
Daily take juice of 250 gm. Tomato till 2-3 months. It help in reducing the weight.
Chili controls the hunger. To use of chili in diet very helpful to controlling the weight because it reduces the hunger as well as your intake of your food.
Daily take one teaspoon honey with cold water. It help to control the fat.
Coconut Oil
Use daily coconut oil to make food. It contains enough fatty acid which help to spend more calorie from body, for that reason it control the weight.
Include egg in your morning breakfast. That generates enough protein and healthy fat for body and that also help to reduce the weight.
Include enough cauliflower and cabbage in your diet. Its contains less amount of fiber and calorie. If you eat these, soon you feel that you have taken enough diet that generally control your weight. We are discussing here How to weight loss by eating herbs
Include cheese in your diet. Fiber and Omega-3 found in cheese in enough quantity. To eating this, it produce energy in large quantity and that avoid hunger.
Its make blood circulation good in body. Its also increase the taste of food as well also very helpful in reducing the weight. These are some basic herbs, now we can know How to weight loss by eating herbs


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