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How to Create Your First Blog in Blogger

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Most of colleague often asks me how you have created your website. I always tell then this is blog and I have purchase domain name. Most of them interested to create blog own but they did not succeed, so I have decided to guide them step by step that how to create your first blog in blogger. There are various service providers where you can create your blog such as word press and blogger. I am going to tell how to create your first blog in blogger.

1. Open the url
2. You will find the screen same as like given below

3. Use your Gmail ID and Password, from which you want to create blogger
4. After successful login you screen appears as like this.
5. Now click on Continue to Blogger
6. You are at Blogger Dashboard Now. It is your time to do something creative.
7. Click on the New Blog. After clicking new blog, a pop-up window will be appearing where you have to do nomenclature of your first blog.

8. Put your title of blog and address of your blog. After putting the blog address wait some time, it will be automatically check that the given blog address is available or not. If available then you have created your first blog. Otherwise you have to try by putting other address. Now it looks like this.
9. If your address is available then by selecting a template, click on the Create Blog.
10. A new screen will be appear . Now this is time to post your first article. To writing an article click on New Post.
11. A compose box will be appear. This is time to write something creative.
12. Provide an appropriate Post title as more searchable content. Title should be not so long and not so small. Title should be such informative that we can find the whole summary of the post.
13. Using symbol in compose box, you can set the font, size, color and many more thing.
14. After writing the article, now you have to publish the article. Before publishing the article, by clicking preview button you can see the appearance of your article.
15. Click on the save button to make article as draft. Your article is save now at blogger. When you want to publish you can publish this article.
16. If you want to publish your article, Click on the publish button. Now your article is LIVE on web.
17. By Clicking on label, you can provide Meta key words that should relate to your topic, that make your article more searchable at web.
18. You can schedule your publication of your post.
19. By Clicking on Option, You can set other properties for your post.
So this way your first blog is created. Now make your post and enjoy blogging. To more about blogging, check blogging tab in and get more tips and tricks and Enjoy blogging. If you like the posts feel free to share it and comment. Thanks!!!

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