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How to increase page views of a website-II

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Structure of URL: - The URL of page should be easier and friendly. It can be easily understandable.  To display URL containing document name and folder name can confuse the User so URL should not be so long.  URL should contain only such portion which are more important for the user. Because URL also take part into search engine to increase the page view of any website. If URL show many parameters then it can break the link. If URL contains relative information then that will provides whole information about page and its content. It may be remember that URL are displayed in search engine when a user make search for any information. For every type of URL, Googled make crawling but simple URL are very helpful in making crawling by Google.  Always choose URL that is easy for both users and google search engine. Words should be used in URLs so that maximize the linking of URL by users.

Navigation: When a webmaster or blogger apply for Google AdSense, the team of google check every perspective of Blog/Website. Also they mention result. That also depend on the navigation of website or blog.  Navigation play a very important role to find out the content of website. Better the navigation better the performance of website. Navigation is important because its help to visitor to find content quickly. It also help to search engines tells that which content is important.  Navigation should be planed according the home page. If it is possible then just put an internal link to bottom of every post if their posts are interconnected. If there is no page available on website you can display coming soon page if link are available. 

Make you navigation so easy that if visitor feel easy to go from general content to specific content on your website. Definitely it will increase visitor to the webpage.  Maintaining the navigation from page to page on your website through links makes it very easy for search engines for crawl and understands your website. In short for navigation main focus should be on simplicity and easy to use.
A useful page should be available on your site if a page does not exist on your site and user reach there by some broken link or by using wrong URL then a custom should re-direct user to home page.

By this way the page views of a website can be increased.

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