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How to show live Clock in Excel Sheet

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In this article, I am going to tell you that how you can show the current time in excel sheet.
Click on the cell where you want to display the current time and write a function as =Now ().

This function will return time and date. We need only time, so we have to change the format.

Click on the cell, where you have entered the function and Press CTRL+1. This will open a window. Under this window, Click on Custom under the Category Tab.

From given Type, you can select your required Format, as you want to show only time then select time format only.
5.       Now Right Click on Sheet Tab and click on View Code.

6.       Now go to insert tab in Visual Basic then click on the module.

Now write this code.

Sub Macro1 ()
Application. On Time Now + Time Value (“00:00:01”), “Macro 1”
End Sub
Sub Start ()
Macro 1
End Sub

Now come to previous excel window and click on View Tab.

In View Tab, Select Macro and Click on View Macro. Now you can see the Macro 1. Click on run and your live time will be start.

After this you can get current time.


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