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How to make Excel Cells Password Protected

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In working scenario, sometimes we need to make password protected file. In this article I am going to discuss how we can make excel file as password protected. Article categorized into two parts.
1. Protection of Complete file
2. Protection of some selected cells

Protection of Complete File
This is very easy task to make complete excel sheet as password protected. For this
Select your sheet (all column and rows of sheet)
After selection of complete sheet, click on Format Tab (You can also click right hand side) . When you click on Format Tab a window will be appear, now that window select protect sheet.
A Pop-window will appear, now this is time to set your password for unprotect the sheet. Uncheck the both Select locked cell and select unlocked cell. Just provide your desired password and press Ok.
Re-enter the password again and press OK. Now your sheet is password protected.

How to do Mail Merge

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One day I was working in office, one of my colleague come to me and say, Sir I have to do mail merge. I gone in thinking mode and ask, firstly tell me what is Mail Merge and what do you want to do with Mail Merge. Then I research with my colleague and that is here for you also.

Sometime, we want to send a letter to large number of people. This is very difficult work to write address of each person to each letter. It’s also hectic and also take time. To avoid this, we can use mail merge techniques.

Let me discuss problem firstly, I have to send a letter to 1000 people. I have to write Person name and address at each letter. It is very difficult to write name and address to each letter. To avoid this, Mail Merge techniques firstly comes in mind. 

Suppose we have two file. One is Excel file which contains all the information related to Recipients and other is Microsoft word file which is basically that letter which have to send all recipients. For this I have created two file.

1. Letter and 2. Recipients Details

From recipient’s details, we have to fetch Name and address.

Step for Mail Merging
1. Open your documents (letter) which need to be send 

2. Click on the MAILING Tab, then Select Start Mail Merge. A list of various menu will be displayed. Select Step-by-step mail merge wizard.

3. When you click on this Menu, a window will be appear on right side of documents.

4.Now select – Next: Starting Document. When you select this, another set of instructions will be displayed, in that you have to select – Select Recipients. After this another set of instruction will be displayed. In that instruction click on Browse.
5. A window will appear, now you have to select your target file means from where you want to fetch data.
6. Select your target file. Then Click on Open. After this a pop up window will appear having your target file name, Click on OK button. After pressing OK, another window will appear containing all the information related to the target file so again press 
7. Now this is time to put required data in letter.
8. First Put Cursor, where you want to place the data. Then Select Insert Merge Field. It will display all the column of sheet.