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One-Liner about Microprocessor

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  • The Microprocessor is an electronic circuit that function ass the Central Processing Unit of a
  • computer,providing computational control.
  • The Microprocessor is the controlling element in a computer system. The microprocessor performs data transfer,does simple arithmetic,logical operation and make simple decisions.
  • The basic operation of the microprocessor is to fetch instructions stored in the memory and execute them one by one in sequence.
  • Microprocessor are used almost in all electronic systems.
  • Micro-controllers are advanced form of the microprocessor,with memory and ports present in the chip.
  • The Microprocessor system is made by interfacing memory and I/O devices to microprocessor.
  • Microprocessor evolution is classified into 6 generation. The process that are currently in used is 6 th generation.
  • The Microprocessor reads instruction from memory,communicates with all peripheral using the system bus.Perform the computing tasks specified in the program.
  • The Memory stores binary information called instruction and data. Provides the instruction and data to microprocessor on the request.Stores result and data for the microprocessor.
  • The I?P devices enters the data and instruction under the control of a program such as monitor program.
  • The O/P devices accepts data from the microprocessor as specified in a program.
  • The bus carries bits between Microprocessor and memory and I/P.
  • A digital system that contains logic circuit and operates on binary number system,called Digital system.
  • A programmable machine that process binary data basically in include ALU,Control Unit,Input,output and memory is called digital computer.
  • A set of bits that computer recognizes and process at time called word/word length.
  • A software program that translate an assembly language program to the binary machine code of a a computer is called assembler.
  • A program that translate English like words of a high level language into machine language of a computer is called compiler.
  • SSI (Small scale integration)- The process of designing a few circuit on a single chip. The term refers to the technology used to fabricate discrete logic gates on a chip.
  • MSI (Medium Scale Integration)- The process of designing more than hundred gates on a single chip.
  • LSI (Large Scale Integration)-The process of designing more than thousands gates on a single chip.
  • Bit- A binary digit,0 or 1.
  • Byte-A group of eight bit.
  • Nibble- A group of four bits.


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