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To see results Expand Tables under Navigation Tree, Expand 1D Result and Click S-Parameter and you will see the Plot Real Part as this

To see Imaginary Part, Click Plot Imaginary Part then look like this.

To see Magnitude, Click Plot Magnitude Part then look like this.

To see magnitude in DB, Click on Plot Magnitude in DB, this is what we have to consider.

Now we have to find appropriate value of lc which is giving good performance of antenna, in this designing the value of lc=7 which is giving near about -22DB, generally we consider first occurrence of wave form, for this double click on waveform and you get selected waveform as this.

To measure the frequency, Right Click in Plot, Select Show Measure lines and adjust this line in between the first occurrence and you will get the frequency. As shown

In above shown picture, the frequency is approx. 2.81 GHz at lc=7. Generally we see first occurrence of band for frequency.
Note: - It is observe that as length of Patch Antenna Decreases, frequencies will increases.

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