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How to loose belly fat quickly

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In now days, everyone wants to be fit and muscular. For being fit and muscular, first requirement is flat belly. Now i am going to discuss how we can lose belly fat by using some home remedies which are easily available at everyone home. I have also used these tips to make my belly flat and i am happy and succeed in my opinion. That tips i am going to share you that how to loose belly fat quickly.
Start your day with hot lemon water in early morning. Taking hot lemon water at regular interval, it helps to remove out the toxins from the body and make digestion better and effective. That reduce the belly fat.
Daily chew 2-3 buds of garlic with empty stomach. It fastens the fat burning process of body and that helps to reduce the fat of body. Faster the burning process, faster the reduction of belly fat.
Boil half spoon fennel till 10 minutes after that make it cold and drink daily. Its help very much to reduce the belly fat and also you feel energetic.
Green tea contains antioxidant. That antioxidant helps to lose weight. To lose weight at least take 5-6 times green tea that will be very helpful to lose weight quickly.
Include healthy food with less calorie compare to heavy foods. Avoid heavy and oily food. Except taking heavy foods at a time, try to take small bite at a regular interval. Try to take small bite of food when you fill hunger. Using this method, you can avoid heavy foods and your body requirement will be also full fill. We are discussing here, how to loose belly fat quickly.
Completely avoid white rice. Take brown rice in place of white rice. Brown layer of brown rice contains mineral, vitamin and fibers also.
Try to be far from Non-veg meals because such type of meal contains large amount of oil. Try to avoid snacks, sweet and processed food. These types of food increase the belly fat. Use natural products in place of these types of meal.

Increase the fruits and vegetables in your meals. Try to eat fruits and vegetables in large amount. That will help to reduce your hunger and also maintain the requirement of calories.
Keep distance from Sugar. Refined sugar in your food produce fructose that later converted into belly fat.
Take protein food as much as possible. Take protein as Soybean, cheese, fish,eggs,milk . That increase the metabolism and also control the fat of body.

These are some tips to control your belly fat. You can follow any above mention tips to get good result. Combination of 2-3 tips gets fast result. So enjoy and keep visiting website.