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How to increase page views of a website

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To successfully run any website on the internet we required number of daily page views that show really your website is working or not. When we create a website or blog generally we do not consider rules of Search Engine Optimization only due to less knowledge of this. Search engine optimization play a vital role in increasing number of page view in any website. What an impact factor of Search Engine optimization at Page view we find out in How to increase page views of a website.

I have searched many things on google and implemented those things in my blog and my page views became just doubled even some time its increases 300 % also. So let me share the some rules and important factor in How to increase page views of a website.

Page Title
Page title should be impressive, unique and meaningful basically a title tag contains information for both user and Search engine optimization. Page title also tells an idea to user that what contents the particular page contains.

When a user search about some contents basically page title contents are displayed into search result. For each page, page title should be unique and different. There are some important things that should be considered. Never choose such a Page title that has no relevance to content of Page. Never use a single title tag across all the websites pages. Try to use descriptive and meaningful title. Page titles are very important aspects of Search Engine Optimization.
Meta Key Words/Tag
Meta Tag is just a summary of a page that Page is what about? Meta Tag keywords are such content that Google and other search engine summarized the content of particular page. Meta tag can be some words, a short paragraph, a summarized title or title of page. Google generally use Meta tag as snippet of your page. Adding Meta tag in each page creates effective impact on search engine and Google. In implementing Meta tag there are also some things which can be avoid for increasing the page views as Never use such mega tag which has no relation related to page content. Do not use only keywords and avoid copy and paste of whole content of page.
There should be different descriptive meta tag for each page that help both user as well as Google search for finding out multiple pages on your domain or website , due to this it’s also can increases page views on your websites. If there are thousands number of pages or post so that is very difficult to generate meta tag for each page, in that case you can also generate automatically meta tag based on the page contents. There are various Search Engine Optimization tools which can help to generate Meta tag automatically.  In conclusion Meta Tags are basically summary of your page content. We are going through how to increase page views of a website. How to generate Meta Tag automatically.


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